Hannah's Universe

Upcoming Exhibition
October 10 - 17, 2023
Hannah Kim - Solo Exhibition






"Hannah's Universe"



Abstract artist- Kim Hannah was born in 1988 in Kazakhstan.

Has a higher education majoring in economics in the oil and gas industry. At the age of 20 she became a specialist in the field of arts. She has the title of a "Unique nugget" and she is one of the ten best artists in the western region.

She was interested in art from early childhood. At the age of 12, an abstract vision came. Since then, she began to create and improve her own technique. Using a variety of materials, she chose oil paints for her own technique. Feature of the artist's work is complete abstraction from the external world and immersion in her own universe. The painting process begins with a complete vision of the future picture. These are entire stories with their own worlds. Also you can often see the eye in paintings. This personifies the psychic third eye showing another world.

The artist embodies and conveys all this through painting. Kim Hannah also has extensive artistic activities and works with many techniques and materials.





‘Reviver’ Oil Painting 100x80.3cm


‘Poppy’ Oil Painting 100x80.3cm


‘Magnet’ Oil Painting 100x80.3cm

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